My Writing: the Journey so far (Part 1)

So here I find myself, at the start of a new year. And, as many of us do, we make resolutions and set goals for the things we’d like to achieve in the year to come.

I’m setting quite a few goals this year, one of which is to get this website up and running (and to actually use it), but two of my other goals are to a) improve the technical quality of my poetry and b) to make more consistent progress on my current fiction WIP.

As I’ve starting thinking about these goals and how I want to develop my writing, I thought it a good opportunity to reflect on my writing journey thus far, where I started, and where I’ve managed to get to.

I started writing somewhere between the ages of 11 and 14 – I can’t remember exactly when – but I’d written my first story by 2008. This first story was told over the course of 9,801 words, and was dubbed “Sivhardar: The Dawn”. Its protagonist was a boy called Dino Sivhardar, a member of a race of super-powered humans, known as Wild Humans (naming conventions of an 11-year-old :/ ). Each member of this race was imbued with a range of powers, the full range of which was known, and each individual having some combination of those known abilities. Our MC, was special (because chosen one cliche) and had all of the known powers. As such the story followed Dino and his sibling’s journey as they ran from a villain trying to exterminate Dino while he was young, fearing the power he would learn to use with time.

That first story was followed by four sequels, each story averaging around eight and a half thousand words, and they followed Dino’s adventures into adolescence and then through adulthood, as he faced off against one villain or another.

Another year lead to 5 spin off stories, four of which followed the adventures of Dino’s nephew. These stories were shorter compared to the original stories they had grown from, and one didn’t even get finished off, both of which were perhaps symptomatic of an idea going stale.

At 15, a new story came to mind: Futuretech was set in an alternative, future New Zealand, and followed Norman Ironsditch, whose inventions started to revolutionize the world and accelerate humanities technological development. From handheld, multi-functional smart devices to small spacecraft capable of flying in and out of the atmosphere without rockets, Norman was creating it all.

Three sequels followed Futuretech’s adventures as they made first contact with aliens as a battle-damaged mother-ship limped its way through the solar system, moon colonies, time travel, personal fight suits, mind-control devices and for the grand finale, the colonisation of another world.

After those stories, I came up with an idea for a new story, and that idea, broadly speaking, has been my working focus for nine years. But the details about that idea will be coming in part two, so stay tuned!