An Introduction

Hello, and welcome!

My name is David. I’m a young and enthusiastic software developer and writer from New Zealand.

While this blog isn’t quite about life, the universe and everything, it does serve as a platform for me to express myself and my projects, with a few references thrown in.

First, a little bit more about myself. A year ago, I completed my tertiary education by earning a Bachelor in Information Technology, and have since then been learning more every day in through my work as a junior applications developer.

I started this website at the start of 2018, in the hope of building and maintaining a personal… professional… space where I could write posts about coding and writing and anything else that tickled my fancy either through my work or through my other pursuits in my spare time (Ha! What is spare time?????)

However, adjusting to full-time work and my role, as well as dealing with what life was throwing at me proved very time consuming, and well, this site went nowhere.

But, it’s the start of a new year, so I’m ready to go round two with this project and see where I get too.

So in addition to my job, I write and experiment with code, and have a few projects on the go, parts of which I hope to share here as I go along.

I am also a creative person – I’m learning to draw. I’ve taken up photography in the last year and I also write both poetry and fiction.

Now in case you are wondering about the name, Tech Scriptor?

Well when I was thinking about a name that I might use for a website, something that represented me, I needed a name that represented both sides of me – the technical skills and the creative skills.

Thus the first part is fairly self-explanatory, and as for the second part, scriptor is Latin, translating roughly to author or writer. I like that viewed as two halves, the name represents each side of my skills, and the name viewed as a whole still represents this – a tech writer would be one way of describing a coder, or a writer of technical topics, as I aim to do here on this site.

Anyway, that’s me for now. I hope you’ll stay tuned, and continue to explore some of my other posts 🙂